A&norma SR25 Case
A&norma SR25 Case
A&norma SR25 Case

A&norma SR25 Case
Design and beauty

  • Designed to wrap around the entire player
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification
  • Black, Red or Tan fabric with each color featuring a unique pattern
  • Provides a solid grip on the player.
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A&norma SR25 Case - Design and Beauty

Keep your SR25 pristine, and keep it looking beautiful. Synt3 of Milan has created a choice of elegant, eco-friendly cases - all you have to do is choose your favourite colour.


Exquisite protection

By wrapping around the entire player, the case offers reliable, robust protection as well as looking clean and sophisticated. The feel is soft, the protection is strong.

Design and material

Synt3 enjoys a global reputation, and its SR25 cases are a superb combination of design, colour choice and tactility. Oeko-Tex Standard certification confirms their eco-friendly credentials.

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SR25 Case
LASKINA® polyurethane fabric by Synt3. (Made in Italy)
[Parigina] Red / [Flauto] Tan / [Majestic] Black